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LI Tourette Association
P.O. Box 615
Jericho, NY 11753


If you have any questions at all about Tourette Syndrome feel free to contact us:!



  • Co Chair/Chair, Education/Advocacy: Jane Zwilling, Psy.D.
  • Co Chair: Kate Callan
  • 1st Vice Chair, Community Relations/Communications/E-Blasts: Jen Argenzio
  • 2nd Vice Chair/Hofstra University Liaison: Lisa Filippi, Ph. D.
  • 3rd Vice Chair/Family Fun Day Co-Chair: Florentina Lazaroaie
  • Treasurer, Government Liaison: Rachel Gibbons, Esq.
  • Secretary/Recording and Corresponding: Amy Fuhrman
  • Secretary, Membership Management, News and Updates Editor, Information Line Facilitator: Demetria Marino
  • Secretary, Speaker Appearances and Activities: Shelly Bloch
  • Secretary, Family Activity Committee/Socials: Rachel Brenner-Bliss
  • DeMatteis Center Liaison: LiaisonJulia Vinsky, M.H.A.
  • Honorary Board Member/Director of Youth Ambassadors: Jen Zwilling

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